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FIELD STRIP FITNESS  is proud to offer a Sports Conditioning Program. 

Our coaches will use knowledge of the sport along with their skills in CrossFit to create a program that will build strength, endurance and skill. 


At FSF, our athletes have demonstrated that speed and agility training follows the principle of specificity, showing that straight (linear) speed training produces improvements in straight ahead speed with little carry-over to agility and vice versa.


Thus, it is important to train these elements as separate components to ensure both speed and agility are being developed maximally.  It has been shown that eight weeks of spring training can improve performance in the maximum speed phase of sprinting (20-40 meters) and resisted spring training (pulling a sled weighted with a 5-kilogram load) can improve the acceleration phase of sprinting (10 meters).  Our athletes further demonstrated that agility training can improve one’s ability to change direction (agility).


We have proven that running and cutting maneuvers associated with many land-based sports can produce high levels of altered forces involved in non-contact injuries such as an ACL injury.  Several professionals have found that the use of specific exercise programs incorporating various forms of speed and agility drills can significantly reduce the incidence of injury, especially to the lower extremities, while improving performance.  Many of these professionals have made it a point to focus on the mechanics   / technique and a systematic progression of the exercises used and not just the exercises themselves.  This is necessary to help ensure that the body is being re-trained to move in biomechanically correct positions in a progressive manner and ultimately reducing excessive stress to the joints and connective tissues. 


We also utilize weight training as being the trick for stepping up your game, dominating on the court and helping your team win. If you are serious about sports, you need to be equally serious about athletic weight training. 

Why Utilize our Program?

        *Custom Programming


        *Knowledge and Experience


Our coaches are CPR and First Aid certified coaches who understand the unique issues facing young athletes today and the proper methods to improve their conditioning, performance and life. 


Each athlete will work through a customized program that will work towards building a solid foundation of movement quality and strength, improving weak areas, reducing the risk of injury, and improving performance at sport and life.

Team Costs: ( Min. 10 athletes, $20 extra per child if less)

The options below, 8 & 12 week programs include a gym membership

                                                8 weeks @ 2 days / week       $160   

                                                8 weeks @ 3 days /week        $200

                                                12 weeks @ 2 days / week     $220

                                                12 weeks @ 3 days / week     $260

Individual Membership Fee:    Unlimited monthly $115( 6 -12 years )  $135 ( 13 – 17 years)

                                                10 day punch card $165 ( 3 month expiration)

Please see the pdf file below for the complete Athletic Training Package,including registration form and liability waiver.  

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