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I started training in June of 1992 under Grand Master Kyu Ha Kim, under whom I was promoted to 4th degree black belt. I have since gone on obtain my Class 3 Master Instructor's certification through the Kukkiwon. I have had the honor of training under world champions such as 1988 Olympic gold medal winner Jimmy Kim, three time world poomsae champion Grandmaster Jae Yoonn An, four time world world poomsae champion Suji Kang, the coach of the US national poomsae team Dan Chuang, and multiple time US national team members David Turgeon, Ron Southwick, and Garth Coole

I believe the key to being a good instructor is always remaining a student at heart, continuing to train and always striving to improve.

The attitude/atmosphere of our school is one of workmanship. When you come here, you come here to work and improve yourself as a martial artist. Our curriculum is a blend of traditional training and street applicable self defense. The three pillars of our program are: fitness, self defense, and character development. We are a Kukkiwon recognized school and abide by its testing and promotional standards.

Classes are held                              Mondays and Wednesdays


And Saturday 10am—11am

Sensei Craig Munster

For additional information, please email

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